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1839 -- 1899. English Impressionist landscape painter.

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70684 Heroische Landschaft mit dem Regenbogen Koch, Joseph Anton Heroische Landschaft mit dem Regenbogen Dimensions Expression error: Missing operand for *118 ?? 114 cm
19113 The Monastery of St. Francis in Sabine Hills Koch, Joseph Anton The Monastery of St. Francis in Sabine Hills Rome, oil on panel, The Hermitage, St. Petersburg
44063 The Schmadribach Falls Koch, Joseph Anton The Schmadribach Falls 1821-22 Oil on canvas, 132 x 110 cm

Koch, Joseph Anton
Austrian Painter, 1768-1839 Painter and writer. He was one of the most important landscape painters of the early 19th century. With his friend Johann Christian Reinhart he pioneered the 'heroic' landscape style by heightening the grandeur and structural clarity of classical Italianate landscapes in the tradition of Nicolas Poussin, Claude Lorrain and Gaspard Dughet. His work reflects a transitional period in European art. Largely under the influence of Asmus Carstens, Koch subscribed to many Neo-classical principles, but his work also has Romantic aspects. His interest in the natural sciences and Romantic philosophy betrayed an increasingly modern world-view, but he also embraced the medievalism of the Nazarenes.
Alfred Sisley
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